The Ultimate Marketing Holiday Calendar for 2023

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Get ahead of the competition with our comprehensive ecommerce holiday calendar for 2023. Discover key dates and holidays throughout the year to strategically plan your sales and promotions. Maximize your revenue and captivate customers with targeted campaigns for each holiday.
Meticulous planning is critical for the success of your campaigns as a Shopify store owner. Utilizing an ecommerce holiday calendar is a great way to strategize your marketing efforts. You can maximize your reach by aligning your promotions and campaigns with key holidays and events and take advantage of consumer spending patterns. This article presents a comprehensive ecommerce marketing calendar for 2023, offering concise descriptions of each quarter, month, and major holiday. It serves as a valuable resource to help you plan your marketing campaigns well in advance and achieve optimal results.

Holidays play a significant role in marketing. By leveraging holidays and events throughout the year, businesses can engage customers, attract new ones, and drive sales. Some holidays are well-known, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, while others are more niche, such as National Pizza Day or World Book Day. In other words, each holiday presents an opportunity to connect with consumers meaningfully, and our tips can make all the difference.

Ecommerce Holidays in Q1

The Q1 marketing period holds paramount significance for your marketing endeavors, serving as a foundational for success in the future. Utilize the January, February and March 2023 calendar to carefully strategize campaigns and prepare your store for big and small business holidays 2023.


marketing calendar january
In search of January calendar ideas? January plays a significant role in the retail calendar 2023, as it offers a chance to connect with the audience regarding their aspirations in the new year. Seize this opportunity by focusing your marketing efforts on common themes like fitness, self-improvement, or well-being. Additionally, harness the momentum of holidays such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Chinese New Year to inject urgency and relevance into your promotional strategies. Aligning your tactics with these events enables you to engage your audience effectively and make the most of January's opportunities.
New Year’s Day - January 1

The New Year holds a significant place in the retail marketing calendar, symbolizing a period of reflection and fresh starts. This occasion presents Shopify store owners with an exceptional opportunity to connect with customers eager to kick off their year on a positive note. Enhance your campaign strategies by launching promotions and focusing on products or services that resonate with common New Year's resolutions. To tap into the prevalent fitness and health goals, consider providing discounts on workout equipment, activewear, and meal planning services. Make use of the BolideAI - Grow Store Revenue app to effectively showcase your offerings. Inspire customers to achieve their ambitions by presenting exclusive deals and tailored bundles that align seamlessly with their aspirations.

Target those interested in self-improvement, health, fitness, or personal development who have set New Year's resolutions or are looking for ways to make positive changes.

National Hat Day - January 15 (US)

What holiday is January 15? This day marks a holiday known as National Hat Day. It's an occasion that encourages people to embrace their love for hats and express their unique sense of style. Offer discounts or special deals on hats or accessories, host social media contests, create hat-related content, partner with a charity, or host an event or workshop.

Target individuals interested in fashion, accessories, or quirky holidays who enjoy expressing their personal style or standing out from the crowd on the January 15 holiday.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 16 (US)

In the ecommerce calendar 2023, Martin Luther King Jr. Day holds a significant place as a holiday that embodies the principles of equality and social justice. To align with the spirit of this day, consider designing impactful campaigns and promotions that incentivize donations to civil rights organizations, host educational events or workshops, or establish partnerships with reputable entities dedicated to advancing civil rights.

Target customers interested in social justice and equality who are involved in activism, volunteering, or community service.

Chinese New Year - January 22 (CH)

Chinese New Year holds immense significance as the major lunar ecommerce event in China. This occasion is marked by family gatherings, gift exchanges, and the establishment of new objectives. Present products or services linked to luck, wealth, and prosperity. For example, provide discounts on red-hued items or offer healthy food typically enjoyed during the festivities, such as dumplings or fish.

Capture the attention of the Chinese community, individuals with a keen interest in Chinese culture and traditions, as well as Chinese expats, tourists, and those seeking a distinctive New Year celebration on the January 22 holiday.

Australia Day - January 26 (AU)

Not many people know what holiday is January 26. It's Australia Day, a holiday in Australia commemorating the arrival of the first British in 1788. Offer Australian-themed products or promotions, host events or contests, collaborate with local charities or organizations, and leverage social networks to engage with customers. Some popular ideas include offering discounts on Australian-made products or showcasing Australian culture through visual displays.

Target Australians or expats living in Australia and those interested in the Australian culture, history, and products for Australia Day promotions and campaigns on the January 26 holiday.


marketing calendar february
Searching for February calendar ideas? February on the retail calendar 2023 is a month brimming with love and appreciation, with Valentine's Day stealing the spotlight. This provides businesses with a chance to craft promotions and campaigns centered around affection and adoration.
Black History Month - February

Black History Month, a significant occasion in the ecommerce calendar, honors the remarkable accomplishments and contributions of African Americans to American history, culture, and society. Online businesses can seize this opportunity to promote diversity and inclusivity through their marketing campaigns. They can showcase African American business owners, offer exclusive products or services that celebrate black history and culture, and even contribute a portion of their profits to organizations supporting the black community.

The target audience for these campaigns would be consumers who value diversity and social responsibility, as well as those who identify with or want to learn more about black culture and history.

Groundhog Day - February 2 (US)

In the ecommerce calendar, Groundhog Day is a unique celebration where people eagerly await the prediction of an adorable groundhog to determine the arrival of spring. Take advantage of this whimsical holiday by creating engaging social media posts or campaigns that revolve around predicting the future. Offer special deals or promotions related to the upcoming spring season, or consider hosting fun events or contests that capture the spirit of the holiday.

The target audience for Groundhog Day promotions and campaigns includes those interested in quirky holidays, fans of the outdoors or nature, or those looking for a unique way to celebrate the coming of spring on the February 2 holiday.

National Pizza Day - February 9 (US)

National Pizza Day in the ecommerce calendar commemorates pizza worldwide. Offer discounts or deals on pizzas, create unique pizza flavor toppings, host social media contests, or collaborate with a local pizzeria. This holiday allows businesses to promote family-friendly deals, creative pizza toppings and flavors, and catering options for group events.

Target individuals who are pizza enthusiasts, foodies, or families who enjoy a good pizza night on the February 9 holiday.

Super Bowl LVII - February 12 (US)

In the holiday world calendar, Super Bowl LVII stands out as one of the most eagerly long-awaited entertainment, drawing millions of viewers worldwide. You can leverage this momentous occasion by crafting themed promotions, organizing watch parties, providing deals on related merchandise, collaborating with charitable causes, or crafting social media content. The goal is to tap into the energy and fervor surrounding the Super Bowl, providing customers with distinctive and valuable experiences.

The target audience for this holiday is sports enthusiasts, football fans, and individuals who enjoy social gatherings and entertainment events on the February 12 holiday.

Valentine’s Day - February 14

Valentine's Day, one of the 2023 international holidays, is dedicated to expressing love and affection to cherished ones. Take advantage of this celebration by providing exclusive promotions on gifts, flowers, chocolates, apparel, home goods, tools, or memorable experiences. Enhance your marketing efforts by developing Valentine's Day-themed content, engaging in social media campaigns, organizing events, or hosting contests. This holiday presents lucrative opportunities for e-commerce, service industry, and entertainment businesses to generate significant sales and engage with their target audience.

Capture the attention of individuals seeking to celebrate love, romance, or friendship by targeting a diverse audience of couples, families, and friends of all ages and backgrounds. Offer them unique gifts, memorable experiences, or alternative ways to celebrate the holiday that will resonate with their interests and desires.

Love Your Pet's Day - February 20 (US)

What holiday is February 20, you may wonder. It's Love Your Pet's Day, an occasion dedicated to expressing love for beloved furry companions. This is the chance to offer enticing deals and offers on pet-related products and services. Engage pet owners by hosting engaging social media contests that showcase their adorable pets. Create captivating pet-themed content or infographics to provide valuable information and entertainment to your audience. Consider partnering with a local animal shelter to support their cause or organizing a pet-friendly event to bring pet lovers together.

This holiday is targeted toward pet owners, animal lovers, and those who enjoy sharing their pet-related experiences on social media.

President's Day - February 20 (US)

President's Day is an occasion in the 2023 retail calendar honoring the first and other former presidents. Online entrepreneurs have a chance to provide exclusive promotions on products connected to American history or the presidency. They can also run patriotic-themed social media campaigns to engage with their audience and celebrate this significant occasion.

Target individuals interested in American history or patriotic themes, families looking for activities during the long weekend, or shoppers looking for special deals and discounts.

Family Day - February 20 (CA)

Family Day, on the ecommerce calendar, celebrates the importance of family and spending quality time together. Online retailers can offer family-friendly deals and promotions, such as discounted group rates, family meal deals, or free activities for children.

The target audience for Family Day promotions and campaigns includes families with children, grandparents, and extended family members looking to spend quality time together. Additionally, businesses, such as restaurants, entertainment venues, and retailers offering family-oriented products, can benefit from this holiday.


marketing calendar january
What about March calendar ideas? March in the retail calendar 2023 is an exciting month for marketing campaigns as it offers several opportunities to drive sales and engagement. The month begins with World Wildlife Day, National Pi Day, and St. Patrick's Day. These holidays provide online stores with various creative possibilities to engage with audience through promotional activities such as offering discounts, running social media campaigns, and partnering with influencers. Additionally, Shopify store owners can use these holidays to support important social causes and initiatives, creating a positive impact while driving brand awareness and loyalty.
World Wildlife Day - March 3

World Wildlife Day, high on the list of 2023 international holidays, is dedicated to honoring and raising awareness of the global diverse wildlife and plant species. Demonstrate your brand's commitment to this critical cause by offering eco-friendly, cruelty-free products and actively supporting wildlife conservation initiatives. Let your customers know that by choosing your brand, they are making a positive impact in protecting and preserving our planet's precious wildlife.

Attract the attention of environmentally conscious consumers and animal lovers who are passionate about wildlife conservation by offering products and initiatives that align with their values. Target individuals who prioritize sustainable and ethical choices, emphasizing how their purchases can contribute to positive change for the environment and wildlife.

National Dress Day - March 6 (US)

What holiday is March 6? National Dress Day is a day that celebrates fashion and encourages people to showcase their unique styles. Promote your clothing line or accessories that complement different styles of dresses. Offer special discounts to customers who purchase a dress from you. Use the product recommendations from BolideAI to showcase your most popular clothes on your storefront.

On the March 6 holiday, target people interested in fashion and want to showcase their style. Your audience for this holiday may include women of different ages looking for trendy dresses and accessories to complement their outfits and fashion enthusiasts who love exploring new fashion trends.

National Pi Day - March 14

It's National Pi Day, a celebration of the mathematical constant pi. Offer exclusive discounts and promotions on items related to math, science, and baking. Engage your clients by hosting fun contests or giveaways on social networks, where they can showcase their love for Pi or share interesting math facts.

On the March 14 holiday, you can target students, teachers, math and science enthusiasts, and anyone interested in pi or mathematics.

St. Patrick's Day - March 17 (US, CA, IE)

St. Patrick's Day, in the holiday world calendar 2023, presents a significant opportunity for online entrepreneurs to boost sales and enhance brand visibility. One effective approach to leverage this holiday is by curating themed collections or products that pay homage to Irish heritage, featuring items like green clothing or accessories. Promoting these collections through various channels like social media, email campaigns, and advertisements can attract attention. Offering special discounts or organizing a giveaway can further entice potential customers and encourage purchases. Additionally, this holiday provides a platform to promote products or services aligned with its themes, such as food and beverages, party supplies, or travel-related offerings.

St. Patrick's Day is widely celebrated in different countries, allowing you to target a broad audience of all ages and interests. However, it may particularly appeal to those who enjoy Irish culture or look for festive attire or accessories.

Mother's Day - March 19 (UK)

What holiday is March 19 in the United Kingdom? It’s Mother's Day, a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude for mothers. Highlight meaningful gifts that will make them feel cherished, such as personalized items like custom photo albums or monogrammed accessories. Enhance your shopping experience with the product recommendations from the BolideAI app to offer a delightful selection of gifts for every mother.

Additionally, curated gift baskets featuring spa products, gourmet treats, or relaxation essentials can provide a delightful pampering experience for moms. To further incentivize customers to choose your store for their Mother's Day shopping, consider offering special discounts or promotions, such as percentage-based discounts, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers, or gift-with-purchase deals. Also, to make the shopping experience more convenient, provide free or discounted shipping rates for Mother's Day orders.

On the March 19 holiday, target anyone looking for a thoughtful gift for their mother or wife. However, you may also want to focus on targeting specific demographics, such as millennials or young families, who are more likely to shop for gifts online. Additionally, consider targeting those who have previously purchased from your store, as they are more likely to return and buy for Mother's Day.

First Day Of Spring - March 20

It's the beginning of the new season in the ecommerce calendar and an excellent opportunity for merchants to refresh their stores and showcase spring-themed products. Consider promoting your best-selling spring items or creating bundles with complementary products to encourage upselling. Use social networks to share pictures of your products in a spring setting or create a spring-themed landing page on your website.

The target audience is people excited about the new season and want to refresh their homes and wardrobes with spring-themed products. Consider targeting those interested in similar products through their online activity in your store on the March 20 holiday.

International Day Of Happiness - March 20

The International Day of Happiness is a truly international holiday aimed at fostering joy and contentment among individuals across the globe. Generate a unique promotional offer or discount code for your products, conveying the message of your constant endeavor to bring your customers happiness. Leverage the power of social media posts and email campaigns to spread positivity and inspire your customers to share the joy with others. Encourage a ripple effect of happiness through your brand's messaging, igniting a chain reaction of positivity and well-being.

The target audience for International Day of Happiness promotions and campaigns may include individuals who are part of your overall target audience on the March 20 holiday. For instance, if your business operates in the self-care industry, you can target individuals passionate about wellness and self-care.

Ecommerce Holidays in Q2

The Q2 marketing period is a time for the spirit of spring and the importance of loved ones. In the April and May 2023 calendar, with holidays like Easter, Mother's Day, and Father's Day, Shopify store owners can boost sales and connect with customers through themed promotions, discounts, and engaging social media campaigns. This period also provides an excellent opportunity to introduce new products, revitalize your website, and explore innovative marketing tactics to maximize the potential of big and small business holidays 2023.


marketing calendar january
April in the ecommerce calendar 2023 offers a range of holidays that present great marketing opportunities. From April Fool's Day to Earth Day, there are multiple holidays for promotions and campaigns. Online sellers can tap into these events to target customers and drive sales and engagement. If you're seeking April calendar ideas, explore these holiday-inspired strategies to enhance your marketing efforts.
April's Fool Day - April 1

April Fool's Day is an ideal occasion to exhibit a sense of humor and connect with your audience. Explore creative avenues such as crafting playful social media posts or introducing a limited-edition prank product to express your brand's personality and generate excitement. Use humor to drive sales by offering special promotions or discounts that are only valid on April Fool's Day. Just be sure to keep it lighthearted and appropriate for your audience.

Target anyone who enjoys humor and likes to have fun. This holiday can especially appeal to younger audiences who appreciate playful and irreverent brands.

World Health Day - April 7

What holiday is April 7 2023? World Health Day is a prominent event among the 2023 international holidays, aimed at increasing awareness of global health concerns and promoting healthy lifestyles. Capitalize on this occasion by marketing health-centric items like vitamins, supplements, fitness equipment, athletic apparel and footwear, and nutritious snacks. Craft social media content, email newsletters, or a specialized landing page to feature your offer and provide exclusive deals or packages to stimulate sales.

Target health-conscious consumers, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals interested in improving their overall well-being on the April 7 holiday.

Easter Sunday - April 9

Easter is a widely celebrated holiday in the retail marketing calendar. Consider offering special discounts, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals, or bundle offers on Easter-related products such as chocolates, candies, baskets, decorations, or Easter-themed apparel. In addition, you can create curated gift guides featuring your products. Categorize them based on recipients (kids, adults, family), price range, or product type to make it easier for customers to find suitable gifts. Don't forget to run Easter-themed contests or giveaways on your social networks. Encourage followers to share their favorite Easter memories, photos, or recipes, and offer a chance to win prizes or exclusive deals. You can send tailored emails to your subscribers, highlighting Easter promotions, gift ideas, or discounts. If you don't have enough customers subscribed, consider getting BolideAI’s Email Collection Bar to grow your email list first.

The target audience for Easter promotions and campaigns could vary depending on your store's niche and products. However, families, religious individuals, and anyone who enjoys celebrating Easter could be a good target audience to focus on.

National Sibling Day - April 10 (US)

National Sibling Day honors the strong bond between siblings. Showcase products that are perfect for siblings, including family matching outfits and personalized gifts. Amplify your promotional efforts by launching a captivating sibling-themed social media campaign, encouraging followers to share heartwarming stories or photos of their siblings. To further entice customers, offer an exclusive discount or limited-time offer on sibling-related items. It will drive sales and foster a sense of connection and celebration among siblings and their families.

Target siblings of all ages, parents, and family members looking to buy gifts for siblings on the April 10 holiday.

National Pet Day - April 11 (US)

What holiday is on April 11? It's National Pet Day, a wonderful celebration of the pets in our lives. Make the most of this occasion by showcasing a diverse array of pet-related products and services. Craft enticing offers and promotions for pet toys, treats, grooming supplies, or even pet-friendly home essentials. Foster engagement by inviting your audience to share adorable pet photos using a unique branded hashtag across social media platforms.

Target pet lovers and owners, including those passionate about animal welfare, pet rescue, and adoption, and those who want to pamper their pets with the best products available on the April 11 holiday.

Earth Day - April 22

Earth Day is a yearly occasion in the retail marketing calendar that encourages environmental preservation. Spotlight your green-conscious products or assortments that embody the ideals of Earth Day. Exhibit the sustainable attributes, resources, and their beneficial effect on the earth. Propose exclusive markdowns or rewards to prompt customers to select environmentally considerate choices. In addition, accentuate your devotion to sustainable packaging using recyclable or compostable materials. Focus on this aspect in your marketing endeavors, informing customers that their goods are packaged with an eco-conscious perspective. Think about including a personalized message prompting them to recycle or repurpose the packaging. Furthermore, launch a social media initiative encouraging your following to partake in preservation practices and proclaim your brand's strides toward sustainability.

Grab the attention of eco-conscious consumers on the April 22 holiday. The audience includes people who prioritize eco-friendly products and actively seek out brands with a positive environmental impact.

World Book Day - April 23

World Book Day is a holiday that promotes the love of books. Offer promotions and discounts on book-related products, such as books, stationery, office, and school supplies. You can also organize a book-themed giveaway or contest on social media to engage your followers. You could also create holiday blog posts or email campaigns featuring book recommendations or reviews to encourage your audience to explore new titles and authors. This holiday is an excellent opportunity to showcase your store's selection of books and literary products.

The target audience would be book lovers, avid readers, and literary enthusiasts of all ages on the April 23 holiday. You can also target different demographics, such as parents looking for children's books, students looking for academic materials, or gift shoppers looking for unique and thoughtful presents.

International Dance Day - April 29

Discover the excitement of International Dance Day, a holiday dedicated to the dance. Embrace this vibrant occasion by launching special promotions and campaigns that showcase your dance-related products, including dancewear, sportswear, shoes, and accessories. Engage your audience by encouraging user-generated dance videos on social media, fostering a sense of community, and driving brand awareness.

International Dance Day promotions and campaigns' target audience is individuals interested in dance, including dancers of all levels, dance schools and studios, and dance enthusiasts. Consider targeting specific age groups, such as children or seniors, or focusing on particular dance styles, such as ballet or hip-hop, on the April 29 holiday.


marketing calendar may
May in the retail calendar 2023 is brimming with holidays and special occasions, excellent chance for creative May calendar ideas. There are numerous occasions to reach customers, promote offers, and run engaging marketing campaigns.
AAPI Heritage Month - May

AAPI Heritage Month in the holiday world calendar 2023 pays tribute to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States. As an ecommerce entrepreneur, seize this chance to showcase products that draw inspiration from diverse Asian cultures. Foster meaningful connections by partnering with AAPI organizations and supporting their important causes. Additionally, create engaging content that educates your audience about the vibrant AAPI history, cultural traditions, and the impact of AAPI individuals.

This holiday is an excellent opportunity to reach out to customers interested in AAPI culture and heritage. You can also use this to expand your customer base and reach new audiences passionate about diversity and inclusion.

National Fitness Day - May 2 (US)

If you wonder what holiday is May 2. It’s National Fitness Day, a day that promotes physical activity and encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Inspire your customers to prioritize their health by offering enticing deals on bundled fitness products, including workout equipment, sportswear, exercise apparel, water bottles, and fitness trackers. Boost their commitment by introducing a tailored loyalty program designed for fitness enthusiasts. Reward their dedication with special deals, early access, and special perks that cater to their fitness goals.

Target fitness enthusiasts, people interested in starting a fitness journey, and health-conscious individuals.

Cinco de Mayo - May 5 (US, MX)

Cinco de Mayo, a holiday in the ecommerce calendar, is celebrated in the US and Mexico. You can tap into the day's festive spirit by offering discounts on Mexican-themed products such as clothing, jewelry, accessories, and party supplies. Social media can be used to promote your discounts and special offers, as well as share interesting facts and stories about Mexican culture.

This holiday is particularly relevant for those interested in Mexican culture and cuisine and anyone looking for an excuse to celebrate with friends and family. You can also target customers interested in party supplies and decorations and those looking for deals on unique gifts and souvenirs.

Mother's Day - May 14 (US, EU, CA, AU)

In a retail promotions calendar, Mother's Day celebrates motherhood and maternal bonds. It is quite an important holiday, so it is best to prepare for it in advance, as some online stores start holiday promotions two to three weeks before the holiday. This holiday is a day to show appreciation for all the hard work and love that mothers give. Start by creating special promotions and offers that appeal to customers looking to buy gifts for their moms, wives, and other notable people. Then, customize your store by adding Mother's Day-themed graphics and messaging to your store and social channels. Remember to provide extra service this holiday and offer gift wrapping and personalization to add a personal touch to gifts. And consider offering discounts on popular items or creating gift bundles that make shopping easy.

The intended audience for Mother's Day promotions and campaigns consists of customers seeking presents for their mothers, grandmothers, and wives on the May 14th holiday.

Victoria Day - May 22 (CA)

What holiday is May 22? It's Victoria Day, a holiday that celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday and marks Canada's founding. If you're an online merchant, whether you're located in Canada or serving Canadian customers, this presents a unique chance to connect with shoppers on this special day. Attract their interest by providing appealing discounts and promotions that match the festive atmosphere. You might also showcase summer-themed items like outdoor equipment, patio furniture, and BBQ gear to cater to those preparing for the upcoming season.

Target Canadians planning to celebrate the Victoria Day long weekend are looking for deals and promotions on summer-related items on the May 22 holiday.

National Wine Day - May 25 (US)

National Wine Day is a celebration of one of the world's most beloved beverages. Offer special discounts on your wine-related products, create wine-themed marketing campaigns, and host virtual wine tastings. Encourage your customers to share their wine experiences on social media using your store's hashtag to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Aim for wine aficionados, food lovers, gift seekers, and those who appreciate a fine glass of wine on the May 25th holiday.

Memorial Day - May 29 (US)

In the retail marketing calendar, Memorial Day is a holiday dedicated to honoring veterans. You can commemorate this day by curating a special product selection that pays tribute to the military or pledging a portion of your sales to support veterans' organizations.

The audience for Memorial Day promotions and campaigns includes American shoppers seeking special offers and markdowns for the holiday weekend. Additionally, veterans and their families serve as important demographics when crafting campaigns.

National Smile Day - May 31 (US)

National Smile Day is about positivity and joy. Promote products that elicit smiles or provide special offers and incentives that motivate your customers to share their joy with others. Consider implementing the Countdown Timer Bar from BolideAI for your products or services to provide time-sensitive discounts, promotions, and sales. Also, think about crafting social media posts and email initiatives featuring satisfied customers enjoying your products and encouraging them to post images of their radiant smiles.

The holiday can be promoted to many audiences, including those who enjoy lighthearted and positive content. Consider targeting younger demographics who are more active on social media and enjoy sharing uplifting content with friends and family. Families and parents with young children may also appreciate promotions encouraging positive behavior and spreading happiness.
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marketing calendar june
June retail calendar 2023 presents marketing opportunities for Shopify store owners. Plan activities in your June marketing campaigns from Father's Day to International T-Shirt Day. Additionally, with the warm weather and outdoor activities in full swing, businesses can tap into popular June calendars ideas like travel and adventure to create captivating campaigns.
National Doughnut Day - June 2 (US)

National Doughnut Day in the ecommerce calendar is celebrated annually on the first Friday of June. Promoting bakery and food-related products is a great opportunity, especially doughnuts. You can create special promotions and discounts on doughnuts, offer limited edition flavors, or create a special doughnut gift box for a holiday. Utilize social media to showcase your delicious offerings and generate excitement around the holiday.

On the June 2 holiday, target doughnut lovers, foodies, families with children, and anyone looking for a sweet treat.

World Environment Day - June 5

World Environment Day, one of the great 2023 international holidays, is an opportunity to increase awareness about environmental issues and inspire positive change to protect the planet. Seize this chance to demonstrate your brand's dedication to sustainability by highlighting eco-friendly products and endeavors. Present attractive markdowns on sustainable goods and orchestrate online events and initiatives to captivate your audience while promoting environmental stewardship. Aligning your brand with the principles of ecological mindfulness can draw in environmentally-conscious customers and bolster your brand's image as an advocate for the Earth.

Consider targeting environmentally-conscious consumers interested in purchasing eco-friendly products or supporting environmentally-friendly initiatives on the June 5 holiday.

National Eyewear Day - June 6 (US)

National Eyewear Day is the celebration of eyewear, a fashion accessory. It is a great opportunity for eyewear stores to showcase their products and increase sales. One idea could be to run a promotion or discount for customers who purchase multiple pairs of eyewear.

Your June marketing audience for National Eyewear Day promotions and campaigns would be individuals who wear glasses or contact lenses and those interested in eyewear as a fashion accessory. The audience includes people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds looking for stylish and functional eyewear options.

American Flag Day - June 14 (US)

Americans, in general, should know what holiday is June 14. The holiday is American Flag Day that commemorates the adoption of the American flag in 1777. This is an opportunity to pay tribute to the flag as a symbol of unity in the United States. Consider featuring patriotic-themed products or launching promotions on flag-inspired merchandise to engage your audience. Additionally, create compelling social media content highlighting the American flag's importance and meaning, encouraging customers to share their patriotic stories and photos.

Plan your June marketing around patriotic shoppers, and those who want to show their support for America would be the primary target audience for American Flag Day promotions and campaigns. The audience includes military personnel, veterans, and their families, as well as everyday Americans who take pride in their country and want to show it.

Father's Day - June 18 (UK, US, CA)

Father's Day is one of the celebrations in the ecommerce calendar 2023. Create a gift guide tailored to different types of dads, such as new dads, sports enthusiasts, or outdoor adventurers. Feature bundles like grooming kits, personalized gifts, gadgets, and accessories. Use the BolideAI’s Upsell & Cross-Sell product widgets to display these bundles. Entice shoppers with exclusive promotions on products for dads. Maximize your reach by launching engaging social media campaigns that showcase your products and offer gift ideas.

For the June 18 holiday, focus your marketing campaigns on individuals searching for gifts for their fathers or father figures. Additionally, target children, spouses, and friends who want to express their appreciation and affection for the important fathers in their lives.

Juneteenth - June 19 (US)

Take Juneteenth in the ecommerce retail calendar as a significant day in the US. Incorporate it into your June marketing plan by offering exclusive deals and discounts on products celebrating Black culture and history. Take it further by curating a collection of products showcasing the achievements of notable African-American figures in your industry.

Your target audience comprises the Black community and anyone who supports their cause. When planning your promotions and campaigns, aim to connect with this audience effectively while maintaining inclusivity and respect in your messaging.

First Day of Summer - June 21

This holiday marks the start of summer. Promote products and services relevant to summer activities, such as outdoor living, beach gear, swimwear, summer fashion, and more. Consider offering promotions on these products to attract customers and drive sales. Create themed collections and curate bundles that make it easy for shoppers to find everything they need for a perfect summer. Use summary imagery and bright colors in your marketing materials and social media posts to get shoppers in the summer spirit.

The target audience for this holiday promotion would be anyone looking to enjoy the summer season, including outdoor enthusiasts, vacationers, families, and young adults. Consider targeting those in warmer climates or areas with beaches or lakes where summer activities are trendy on the June 21 holiday.

International Day of Yoga - June 21

International Day of Yoga is a holiday that promotes yoga. This is the perfect opportunity to plan your June marketing around this holiday if you offer yoga-related products. Highlight and promote your yoga mats, clothing, accessories, and books to cater to the growing interest in yoga. Additionally, create compelling content showcasing yoga's positive impact on physical and mental well-being.

On the June 21 holiday, target people interested in yoga, fitness, wellness, and healthy living.

International T- Shirt Day - June 21

On the ecommerce calendar, international T-Shirt Day celebrates shirts globally. Build engaging campaigns centered around t-shirts. Consider offering exclusive discounts or launching a new collection of trendy t-shirts to celebrate the holiday. Run social media contests that ask customers to show off their favorite t-shirts and use branded hashtags to increase engagement.

The target audience for International T-Shirt Day promotions can vary depending on the type of t-shirts offered in the store. Consider targeting fashion-forward young adults, parents seeking comfortable clothing options for their children, individuals looking for shirts with trendy prints or popular phrases, and fitness enthusiasts searching for breathable workout attire on the June 21 holiday.

National Hydration Day - June 23 (US)

National Hydration Day is an essential holiday on the retail marketing calendar, emphasizing the importance of staying hydrated and prioritizing good health. Capitalize on this occasion by offering enticing promotions and discounts on water bottles, hydration packs, electrolyte drinks, and other related products. Additionally, leverage the power of social networks to share valuable wellness tips centered around hydration.

Target health-conscious people, athletes, gym-goers, and anyone interested in maintaining good health and wellness on the June 23 holiday. Store owners can also target people living in hot and humid regions where staying hydrated is particularly important.

Ecommerce Holidays in Q3

The Q3 marketing, spanning from July to September, presents a significant opportunity for Shopify stores. July ushers in Independence Day sales, August marks the back-to-school season along with events like National Watermelon Day, and September includes holidays like Oktoberfest. Get ready for these big and small business holidays in 2023 to boost sales and connect with your customers.


marketing calendar july
Calendar July 2023 marks the start of summer and the third quarter. This is the time to align your marketing efforts with popular activities like outdoor events and vacations. One key holiday to focus on is Independence Day, which allows you to capitalize on the festive atmosphere and drive sales and customer engagement. Be sure to explore these exciting July calendar ideas.
Canada Day - July 1 (CA)

If you are wondering what holiday is July 1? Canada Day is a national holiday in Canada commemorating the country's independence. Offer Canadian-themed products or discounts to Canadian customers. You can also create Canada Day-specific social media campaigns or run ads to reach Canadian audience. Target Canadian audiences using the geotargeting feature empowered by the BolideAI app.

The target audience for Canada Day promotions and campaigns is Canadian customers and those interested in Canadian culture or products.

Independence Day - July 4 (US)

Independence Day, a significant day in the ecommerce calendar celebrating freedom from Great Britain, presents an opportunity for Shopify store owners to engage customers and drive sales. Start by creating enticing curated bundles that combine popular products, party supplies, and patriotic-themed items. Offer these bundles at discounted prices to encourage larger purchases and enhance customers' Independence Day celebrations.

It's important to note that this holiday can also serve as an opportunity to promote items that are not specifically related to patriotism. In other words, online store owners can offer discounts on any goods and promote sales timed to coincide with the holiday. This allows for more creative and diverse marketing strategies that can appeal to a broader audience and drive sales.

Further, to enhance the holiday experience, provide customers with complimentary patriotic-themed gifts or accessories such as small flags, temporary tattoos, or other festive items with their purchases. Capitalize on social media to promote your offers and share stories, quotes, or posts that resonate with your audience, fostering pride and connection to the values Independence Day represents.

Independence Day promotions and campaigns' target audience is families, young adults, and anyone who loves a good summer barbecue.

National Bikini Day - July 5 (US)

What holiday is July 5 you can ask yourself. It’s National Bikini Day that honors bikinis. Suppose you work in the fashion and beauty industry. In that case, this is a perfect opportunity to showcase your latest bikini collections, entice customers with special discounts and deals on swimwear, and craft compelling social media campaigns that revolve around self-confidence.

The target audience is women, particularly those interested in fashion, beauty, and fitness. However, it can also target anyone interested in beachwear or summer fashion.

World Chocolate Day - July 7

World Chocolate Day is a day in the holiday world calendar dedicated to promoting all things chocolate. It's the perfect occasion to indulge in the delectable world of chocolate-related products. Consider offering special discounts or bundles on your chocolate products, running social media campaigns featuring mouth-watering images of your products, or hosting a chocolate-themed giveaway contest to engage with your customers and drive sales.

Target chocolate lovers of all ages and genders. Consider those interested in gourmet or artisanal and unique chocolate products or gifts on the July 7 holiday.

National Clean Beauty Day - July 15 (US)

Curious what holiday is July 15, right in the midst of summer? It's National Clean Beauty Day, dedicated to promoting safe and toxin-free beauty products. Take advantage of this occasion by offering enticing promotions on clean beauty items and sharing informative content about the benefits of using safe and non-toxic ingredients. Additionally, consider introducing new clean beauty items and enticing shoppers with special bundles and discounts, encouraging them to explore and experience the goodness of your offerings.

The target audience for National Clean Beauty Day promotions and campaigns would be those who prioritize using safe and non-toxic beauty products, such as those with sensitive skin or eco-conscious consumers. This holiday can also attract those interested in learning about clean beauty and the benefits of using safe ingredients in their skincare and makeup products.

National Ice Cream Day - July 16 (US)

National Ice Cream Day holds a special place in the ecommerce calendar for ice cream lovers. As an eCommerce business owner, offer discounts on ice cream-related items, such as scoops, toppings, and pre-packaged treats. Consider running a campaign on social networks to encourage your audience to share photos of their ice cream creations.

Your target audience could be anyone who loves ice cream, including families, foodies, and anyone looking to beat the summer heat with a sweet treat.

National Self-Care Day - July 24 (US)

Embrace National Self-Care Day, a special occasion dedicated to nurturing yourself. Take this opportunity to promote products that enable people to relax, destress, and indulge in self-pampering. Delight your customers with discounts on rejuvenating items like bath products, candles, aromatherapy diffusers, and meditation accessories. In addition, create captivating content, including holiday blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters, that inspire and motivate customers to prioritize self-care as an essential part of their daily routine. Enhance the shopping experience by announcing enticing sales and exclusive deals using the Multi-Announcement Bar feature from BolideAI.

Your target audience would be anyone looking to improve their overall well-being, reduce stress, and prioritize self-care on the July 24 holiday. Specifically, you can target busy or stressful individuals, such as parents, professionals, or students.

International Day of Friendship - July 30

If you've ever wondered what holiday is July 30, it’s International Day of Friendship, a special occasion that recognizes the significance of friendship in fostering global peace and harmony. Seize this moment to strengthen the bond between your brand and your valued customers. Encourage them to share their affection for your products with friends by introducing enticing promotions that highlight the joy of gifting and sharing. Craft captivating social media content that showcases the heartwarming friendships cultivated through your brand, illuminating the meaningful connections your products can inspire. Consider implementing a rewarding referral program that acknowledges customers for introducing new friends to your store or offers exclusive discounts to those who make purchases with their cherished companions.

This international holiday is an excellent opportunity to target customers who value their relationships with their friends. Consider targeting young adults, college students, and anyone with an active social life. You can also target customers who have purchased friendship-related items, such as personalized friendship bracelets or matching jewelry sets.


marketing calendar august
In the retail calendar 2023, August unfolds with a wealth of holidays and events, providing online retailers with a chance to unleash their creativity and attract new customers. Some of the notable occasions include National Book Lovers Day and International Dog Day. Take advantage of these August calendar ideas to design compelling promotions, assemble themed bundles, and craft engaging social media campaigns that strike a chord with your customers and drive sales. Additionally, as August is the back-to-school season, it's an ideal moment to tailor promotions for parents and students.
Back-To-School Season - August

The back-to-school season is a significant shopping event in the retail marketing calendar that spans several weeks in late summer and early fall. It is an excellent opportunity for Shopify store owners to promote their products and services to parents, students, and educators preparing for the new school year. Some popular back-to-school items that could be promoted include school supplies, backpacks, laptops, tablets, clothing, and other related products. Consider offering special deals, bundles, or discounts for bulk purchases. Creating content such as holiday blog posts or Facebook messages that provide tips and tricks for preparing for the upcoming school year is a great way to drive traffic to your store.

The target audience is parents, students, and educators. Parents typically purchase items for their children, so consider targeting them with school-related products. For college students, consider advertising products valid for dorm rooms or off-campus living. Teachers may also be interested in purchasing items for their classrooms or offices.

International Cat Day - August 6

International Cat Day is a momentous occasion in the holiday world calendar, celebrating our beloved feline friends. Craft promotions and campaigns that highlight cat-related products, including cat toys, catnip, cozy cat beds, and enticing scratching posts. Extend special discounts to customers with feline companions or inspire them to share delightful cat photos on social media using a custom hashtag you've devised.

On the August 6 holiday, target cat lovers and owners of all ages, particularly those who enjoy spoiling their feline companions with high-quality products and accessories. You can also target individuals who follow cat-related social media pages or groups or those who have previously engaged with cat-related content.

National Book Lovers Day - August 9 (US)

What holiday is August 9? National Book Lovers Day celebrates the books. Encourage customers to read a good book by promoting their literary products such as eBooks, audiobooks, and physical books. Consider offering discounts and bundles on your most popular books to incentivize purchases and encourage customers to explore new genres and authors.

National Book Lovers Day is perfect for book enthusiasts of all ages and interests. Tailor your campaigns to target specific genres or demographics, such as children's books, romance novels, or mystery/thriller books. Additionally, you can appeal to gift-givers looking for unique presents for bookworms in their lives by showcasing your bestsellers, personalized bookplates, and other book-related gifts.

Son and Daughter Day - August 11 (US)

Celebrate a heartwarming holiday dedicated to honoring and cherishing the special bond between parents and children. Embrace this opportunity to offer exclusive deals and promotions on products that can be shared and enjoyed together. Consider delightful options like matching outfits, personalized jewelry, or home decor that showcases cherished family moments. Encourage your customers to share heartwarming pictures and stories about their children, fostering a sense of community and strengthening brand loyalty. Let this meaningful day become a cherished tradition within your brand, where the love between parents and their children takes center stage.

The target audience for Son and Daughter Day promotions are parents, grandparents, and anyone with a special relationship with a son or daughter. These promotions can also target children wanting to purchase a special gift for their parents or siblings.

World Photography Day - August 19

Have you ever wondered what holiday is August 19? World Photography Day is an excellent opportunity to display products through photography and attract customers. Use high-quality photos and share them on Instagram and Pinterest, along with the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay to increase visibility. Also, hold a photo contest or discount customers who share their photos of your products. This holiday is particularly advantageous for businesses offering visually appealing items like clothing, jewelry, home decor, and beauty products, as it highlights offerings and attracts attention through the art of photography.

Target anyone interested in photography, including photographers, photo enthusiasts, and people who appreciate visually appealing content on social media on the August 19 holiday.

World Plant Milk Day - August 22

Plant Milk Day is a holiday that shines a spotlight on the incredible range of plant-based milk products available. Whether it's the creamy goodness of soy, almond, oat, or coconut milk, these alternatives have captured the hearts of health-conscious consumers for their numerous benefits, including ethical choices and a positive environmental impact. Seize this opportunity to promote and showcase your diverse selection of plant-based milk products. Consider offering exclusive deals, discounts, or special bundles on your website to encourage customers to explore and embrace these healthier and sustainable options.

This international holiday in the retail marketing calendar can appeal to a broad audience of health-conscious consumers interested in plant-based lifestyles and alternative dietary choices. You may also target vegan and vegetarian consumers interested in celebrating this holiday.

International Dog Day - August 26

If you've ever wondered what holiday is August 26, right at the end of summer, it's none other than International Dog Day. It celebrates our furry best friends. Create themed promotions and discounts on pet-related products, run a social media contest featuring customers' dogs, or partner with a local animal shelter to donate some of your profits to help needy dogs. You could also offer a gift by purchasing a dog-related product or create a bundle of products perfect for dog owners to connect with customers and drive sales.

The target audience for this international holiday promotion could be dog owners and dog lovers. You can also target customers who have recently adopted or rescued a dog or have dogs in their lives but are not your customers yet. Social media is great for promoting your special offers.


marketing calendar september
September in the retail calendar 2023 marks the start of the fall season and Hispanic heritage month. It's a month filled with exciting opportunities for Shopify store owners to offer promotions and campaigns that align with these themes. Key September calendar ideas include Labor Day, Grandparents Day, and Oktoberfest, which can be used to drive sales and engagement with your target audience.
Hispanic Heritage Month - September

Hispanic Heritage Month in the 2023 retail calendar is a significant celebration that honors Hispanic Americans. It's an excellent opportunity to express your support for this rich heritage and promote products that resonate with this community. Craft campaigns that feature Hispanic-themed designs. Also, consider offering discounts or making bundles among Hispanic customers. This can affect brand awareness and attract a diverse audience to your store.

The target audience for this holiday is individuals who celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month or are interested in Hispanic culture. The audience includes Hispanic Americans, individuals with Hispanic heritage, or individuals who appreciate and support Hispanic culture.

World Beard Day - September 2

World Beard Day celebrates beard-related things and is a fun opportunity to engage with your audience. Run a promotion on beard care items or partner with a grooming influencer to showcase what you've got. You could also create social media content that showcases different beard styles and grooming tips to inspire your customers.

On this international holiday, target men with beards, beard enthusiasts, and grooming enthusiasts.

Father's Day - September 2 (AU)

Father's Day is an additional holiday in the ecommerce calendar 2023, in Australia. Propose incentives and markdowns for father-centric presents, including custom-made items, technology devices, outdoor equipment, and personal care products. Developing Father's Day-related materials for social media platforms and email advertising initiatives can further enhance revenues and user interaction.

The target audience for Father's Day promotions and campaigns is primarily children, spouses, and other family members looking for special gifts for fathers in their lives.

Labor Day - September 4 (US, CA)

Labor Day is a significant celebration honoring the hardworking American labor force. This holiday also serves as an unofficial transition from summer to fall. Harness the potential of this occasion by enticing customers with exclusive promotions and sales that cater to their emerging autumn fashion and home decor needs. Emphasize products that pay homage to the American worker, showcasing their dedication and achievements. Additionally, consider featuring items that enhance the work experience, such as ergonomic office chairs or work bags that combine style with functionality.

The target audience for Labor Day promotions and campaigns includes those interested in fall fashion or home decor and anyone looking to celebrate American workers or improve their work life.

National Grandparents Day - September 10 (US)

Wonder what holiday is September 10? National Grandparents Day is a day to celebrate the love of grandparents. This presents a fantastic chance to tailor promotions specifically for different age groups. For younger audiences, highlight gift options celebrating grandparents, such as personalized photo frames or clothing featuring grandparent-themed slogans. On the other hand, older audiences consider showcasing higher-priced items like furniture, appliances, or garden products that cater to their interests and needs.

To make the most of this holiday, consider creating targeted email campaigns, social media posts, and blog content that appeals or those looking to buy gifts for their grandparents. Consider offering free shipping using BolideAI’s Free Shipping Bar on relevant products and running a social media contest encouraging customers to share their favorite memories with their grandparents.

The target audience includes grandparents, parents who may be shopping for grandparents, and individuals who want to show appreciation to older people on the September 10 holiday.

Oktoberfest - September 16

Oktoberfest is a famous beer festival in the holiday world calendar celebrated worldwide from September 16 to October 3, particularly in Germany. This holiday presents an excellent opportunity for sellers who sell beer-related products, such as beer steins, coasters, and bottle openers, to attract customers and boost sales. You can offer discounts or bundles on promotional products, such as shirts, mugs, caps, or create Oktoberfest-themed gift sets.

Target beer lovers, party hosts, and anyone who enjoys Oktoberfest celebrations can be your target audience. You can also target customers looking for unique and creative gift ideas for their loved ones during the holiday season.

International Day of Peace - September 21

International Day of Peace is another worldwide celebration in the ecommerce calendar encouraging harmony and truces. Advertise products related to peace, like books, art prints, and accessories featuring peace emblems, while inspiring consumers to take actions supporting tranquility.

The target audience for promotions and campaigns related to the International Day of Peace may encompass peace activists, advocates for social justice, humanitarians, and individuals who share a deep interest in advancing peace and non-violence globally on the September 21 holiday.

First Day of Fall - September 22

The First Day of Fall is the perfect opportunity to embrace the season and promote autumnal products. Consider running campaigns that showcase cozy fall apparel, pumpkin spice products, and seasonal home decor. Utilize social network and email channel to nurture your products and engage with your customers. Additionally, consider offering special discounts or bundling products to incentivize shoppers to buy from you.

This holiday is ideal for reaching out to customers who relish the autumn season and all the festivities it brings. Focus your efforts on those individuals who have previously shown interest in your autumn-themed marketing campaigns on the September 22 holiday.

National Coffee Day - September 29 (US)

What holiday is September 29? National Coffee Day is dedicated to appreciating the passion for coffee. Capitalize on this festivity by presenting exclusive deals and markdowns on items tied to coffee, including coffee machines, cups, beans, and various add-ons. Developing unique coffee blends for a limited time can also increase sales and appeal to new customers.

Target coffee enthusiasts, students, working professionals, and anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee would be the ideal target audience for promotions and campaigns on the September 29 holiday.

Ecommerce Holidays in Q4

Q4 marketing season encompasses major occasions such as Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. It is crucial for retailers to strategize and organize promotional campaigns to increase revenue and interact with customers throughout the big and small business holidays 2023.


marketing calendar october
In the retail calendar 2023, October is a busy month with multiple holidays and events to capitalize on. International Coffee Day provides opportunities to promote related products. Additionally, the approach of Halloween creates a prime marketing opportunity for businesses to offer themed products and promotions to customers. Check out these October calendar ideas.
International Coffee Day - October 1

Similarly to National Coffee Day, International Coffee Day is an occasion dedicated to expressing love for coffee and recognizing its significant role in daily routines. This holiday presents a valuable opportunity for you to showcase your coffee-related products and services. Promote your exquisite coffee beans, brewing equipment, and stylish mugs to capture the attention of coffee enthusiasts. To entice customers, consider offering enticing discounts, free shipping options, or appealing bundle deals. Additionally, you can foster engagement and expand your brand's reach by organizing a captivating social media contest or hosting an exciting giveaway.

During this international holiday, target coffee lovers and enthusiasts, cafes, restaurants, and other businesses that serve coffee or have coffee-related products.

World Vegetarian Day - October 1

World Vegetarian Day in the holiday world calendar 2023 promotes vegetarianism. This holiday is an opportunity to showcase vegetarian products and offer special deals and promotions for customers looking to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. Also, create website and social media content highlighting vegetarianism's health benefits and sustainability.

The target audience would be individuals interested in or following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and those looking to reduce their meat consumption. It could include college students, health enthusiasts, environmentalists, and anyone interested in trying new vegetarian products.

National Hair Day - October 1 (US)

National Hair Day celebrates all types of hair and encourages people to embrace their unique hair types and styles. Offer hair care products, accessories, and styling tools that cater to a diverse range of hair types and styles, using the Featured Products or Most Popular Products widgets from BolideAI’s product suggestions. Also, consider running a social media campaign encouraging customers to share their unique hair stories and photos using your branded hashtag. You can also create a holiday blog post or video content offering hair care tips and tutorials on styling and caring for different hair types.

This holiday is ideal for businesses specializing in hair care products and accessories, including salons, hair care brands, and beauty supply stores. Your target audience may consist of individuals who embrace their natural hair texture, style, and type and are in search of products and tools to maintain their hair. Additionally, consider targeting customers interested in exploring new hairstyles or experimenting with their hair.

World Smile Day - October 6

World Smile Day is one of the happiest 2023 international holidays that encourages individuals to embrace positivity and engage in acts of kindness. This holiday presents a wonderful chance for you to foster a sense of joy and connection with your customers through thoughtful campaigns and promotions. To make the most of this occasion, consider organizing a social media contest that encourages participants to share their brightest smiles and reward their participation with a special discount code. Additionally, spreading smiles can be accomplished by offering delightful gifts with purchases, ensuring that your customers feel valued and appreciated.

The target audience for World Smile Day campaigns and promotions can be anybody who wants to spread positivity. Target your existing customer base and reach a new audience using social networks on the October 6 holiday.

Indigenous People’s Day - October 9 (US)

Indigenous People's Day in the ecommerce calendar honors the Native American people. On this day, recognize and support indigenous communities, promote indigenous-owned businesses, and raise awareness about indigenous issues. One way to do this is by highlighting products made by indigenous artisans or featuring designs incorporating traditional indigenous art and symbols. Store owners can also donate a portion of their sales to organizations that support indigenous communities or work to promote indigenous rights.

The target audience would be customers interested in supporting indigenous communities and those interested in unique and culturally significant products on the October 9 holiday.

Columbus Day - October 9 (US)

Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas. Use this day by offering promotions, discounts, and sales. One idea is to provide discounts on products that inspire exploration and adventure. It can include travel gear, sports accessories like adult bicycles for outdoor exploration, toys that spark imaginative play for kids, or kitchen appliances that encourage experimenting with new recipes for aspiring chefs. Consider highlighting products made by indigenous creators or brands that support indigenous communities.

The target audience may vary depending on the products you sell. However, you could target people interested in history, exploration, or travel and those looking for discounts on your products on the October 9 holiday.

Thanksgiving Day - October 10 (CA)

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is a national holiday celebrated in October. Capitalize on the autumn spirit by featuring fall-themed products like cozy home decor, warm clothing, and seasonal foods. Generate excitement by offering limited-time sales exclusively on Thanksgiving Day. Use different channels to promote these discounts, creating urgency among customers. Provide incentives such as free shipping or special offers.

The audience is Canadian consumers looking to celebrate the holiday with family and friends and those interested in fall-themed products and seasonal sales. Additionally, online sellers may also consider targeting Canadian expats living abroad who may be looking to celebrate the holiday in their way.

Halloween - October 31

In the retail promotions calendar, Halloween presents a golden chance, particularly for merchants in the costume, decor, and sweets sectors. Amplify your profits by proposing Halloween-oriented price cuts, time-sensitive offerings labeled as "Frightful Discounts" or "Ghastly Price Slashes," and arrange an enticing fancy-dress competition on social media platforms with awards. Delight your consumers with extraordinary deals or price reductions on Halloween, accompanied by complimentary gifts or unexpected surprises themed around the occasion in every purchase.

Encourage excitement through interactive social media and email initiatives incorporating surveys, challenges, and narratives around Halloween customs, eerie trivia, or consumer encounters. Immerse in the Halloween vibe and seize your audience's attention with exciting deals and absorbing experiences that set your brand apart.

The target audience is parents who purchase costumes and treats for their children, young adults who enjoy Halloween parties, and even pet owners who dress up their pets in Halloween costumes.
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marketing calendar november
November 2023 calendar is an important month for the holiday season, with Thanksgiving and Black Friday being significant events. It's a time for businesses to ramp up their marketing efforts for November calendar ideas and offer promotions to attract customers.
National Native American Heritage Month - November

National Native American Heritage Month is a time to celebrate and recognize the contributions and cultures of Native Americans. You can honor this holiday by highlighting Native American-owned businesses, featuring products with Native American-inspired designs, or donating a portion of your sales to a Native American charity or organization. This is also an excellent opportunity to educate your customers on the history and significance of Native American Heritage Month.

Your potential market can encompass individuals keen on endorsing and gaining more insights about Native American heritage. You might want to direct your marketing strategies toward people fascinated by fashion, art, historical events, or matters of social justice. Collaborating with Native American societies can also aid in establishing ties with probable clients.

Veterans Day - November 11 (US)

Veterans Day is a special day in the ecommerce calendar 2023 that honors military veterans. This occasion allows store owners to back veterans and their loved ones while advancing patriotic and communal values. Capitalize on this holiday by proposing exclusive discounts or deals to veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families. Contemplate utilizing BolideAI's Email Collection Bar to compile a list of email contacts and prepare promotional campaigns ahead of significant holidays like Thanksgiving Day or Christmas.

The target audience is veterans, active-duty military members, and their families. However, online sellers can also appeal to patriotic consumers who value supporting veterans and the military.

Singles Day - November 11 (CH)

Singles Day is a Chinese festivity that has grown to be the largest global shopping occasion, outdoing Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Initially, it honored single individuals, but it has now transformed into a big day for all to indulge in shopping and self-pampering. To capitalize on this event, present exclusive price reductions and deals, design package deals and gift collections, and promote your products to cater to a singles-centric demographic.

Singles Day promotions and campaigns are primarily targeted towards singles but can also include anyone looking for a good deal or unique products. The holiday is trendy in China and other Asian countries but has gained popularity worldwide, making it an excellent opportunity for international brands.

Diwali - November 12

Diwali is one of the significant 2023 international holidays commemorating the triumph of righteousness over unrighteousness, virtue over vice, and wisdom defeating unawareness. Propose deals on customary Diwali commodities like candles, treats, decorations, and items suitable as gifts for the celebration. Contemplate developing marketing initiatives themed around Diwali that highlight your products and integrate the festival's hues and icons.

The target audience would primarily be people of Indian or South Asian descent and those interested in Indian culture or looking to purchase gifts for their Indian friends and family members. However, as Diwali is a widely celebrated holiday worldwide, it could also be an opportunity to reach a broader audience.

International Men's Day - November 19

In recent times, there has been a growing awareness of what holiday is on November 19. International Men's Day promotes gender equality and raises awareness of men's health issues. Create promotions and campaigns targeted at men, highlighting products that cater to their interests and needs. On this day, showcase the male members of your team or community who are making a difference.

The target audience for this one from 2023 international holidays is men of all ages and backgrounds and their friends and family members who want to celebrate and support them. Consider targeting specific sub-groups of men, such as fathers, grandfathers, husbands, or single men, with tailored messaging and product offerings on the November 19 holiday.

National One Tie Day - November 22 (US)

National Tie One On Day celebrates baked love. On this day, people who wear aprons across America share their love with others by presenting them with a loaf of bread and an apron. Use this chance to craft special deals and campaigns around baking, cooking, and home-related products, such as aprons, baking tools, cookbooks, and kitchen gadgets. Also, you can offer discounts or bundles on these products or hosting a baking-themed giveaway or contest on social media. Make sure to highlight the spirit of generosity and kindness this holiday embodies in your marketing messages.

Target anyone who loves baking, cooking, or home-related products and those who appreciate acts of kindness and generosity on the November 22 holiday.

Thanksgiving Day - November 23 (US)

Make the most of Thanksgiving Day, the major holiday in the ecommerce calendar 2023. Tap into the festive spirit by crafting special promotions and discounts that resonate with the Thanksgiving holiday. Consider offering deals for those who purchase multiple items for their holiday gatherings. Display your creativity by sharing DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas through holiday blog posts or social networks, highlighting the products and materials available in your store.

Additionally, elevate your sales with enticing time-sensitive offers that create a sense of urgency among your customers, ultimately enhancing their engagement and leading to higher conversion rates. Utilize your website, social networks, and email to promote these fleeting deals and capture your customers' interest. This approach will increase customer involvement and establish your brand as a crucial resource for an unforgettable Thanksgiving celebration.

The target audience can be anyone who celebrates the November 23 holiday.

Black Friday - November 24

Black Friday ranks among the foremost annual shopping occasions in the retail marketing calendar. To augment your earnings during this time, contemplate presenting exclusive price reductions, devising limited-time promotions, and conducting social media activities to showcase your merchandise. Additionally, employ email marketing strategies to connect with current clients by providing tailored recommendations and product suggestions. Keep in mind that email initiatives commence beforehand and vie for consumer attention. Verify that your website is well-suited for mobile devices, as a significant number of buyers opt to shop using their smartphones. Ponder on extending free shipping and convenient return policies to entice customers to finalize their transactions.

Your promotions and campaigns can target various audiences, including bargain hunters, holiday gift shoppers, and those looking to purchase big-ticket items at a discounted price. Consider tailoring your marketing efforts to your specific audience to maximize your conversions on the November 24 holiday.

Small Business Saturday - November 25 (US)

Lately, entrepreneurs have been curious about what holiday is November 25. It’s Small Business Saturday, set aside to appreciate and advocate for small enterprises. Capitalize on this opportunity to increase revenue and boost customer loyalty. Display unique offers and deals to your customers and publicize your involvement in Small Business Saturday through the website, Facebook, and Instagram.

The November 25 holiday is about supporting small businesses, so your target audience should be customers who value local shopping and supporting independent businesses. This includes individuals who prefer unique and handmade products and those who are passionate about sustainability and ethical consumerism.

Cyber Monday - November 27

Cyber Monday is the second biggest online shopping day after Black Friday. It should be noted that after Black Friday, online store owners swiftly transitioned their focus to promoting exclusive Cyber Monday deals. It's an excellent chance to offer exclusive deals and discounts to customers and promote their products through email, Facebook, and ads. Provide time-sensitive offers, free shipping, and bundling to boost sales. If you have data from previous years, use it to adjust your strategy and focus on high-performing products and categories.

On the November 27 holiday, target online shoppers looking for deals and discounts on a wide range of products, from electronics to fashion to home goods. Also, remember to target new and existing customers who have engaged with your brand in the past. Create personalized offers based on their shopping history or purchase behavior to make them feel valued and incentivize them to buy.


marketing calendar december
December retail calendar 2023 is full of festivities and the holiday season. It presents an excellent opportunity for Shopify store owners to drive sales and revenue through holiday-themed promotions and campaigns. With holidays like Green Monday, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, December is a month of giving and celebration, making it an ideal time to offer discounts and special deals to attract customers. Additionally, with the rise of e-commerce, online shopping during this time of year is becoming increasingly popular, making it crucial for Shopify store owners to have a solid marketing strategy to stay competitive. These holidays are central December calendar ideas.
Green Monday - December 11 (US)

What holiday is December 11? Green Monday is a shopping holiday initially created by eBay in 2007. It has since become a popular online shopping day. Offer special promotions and deals to encourage shoppers to purchase. You can also create urgency by emphasizing that these promotions are time limited.

The target audience is online shoppers looking for deals and discounts on holiday gifts on the December 11 holiday.

National Free Shipping Day - December 14 (US)

To thoroughly exploit National Free Shipping Day, an annual celebration when sellers provide free delivery with a guarantee of arrival by Christmas Eve, bring strategic promotional methods into play. Initiate by highlighting goods with free shipping, as this will inspire shoppers, particularly those hunting for last-minute festive presents, to buy items. An impactful technique, the Free Shipping Bar by BolideAI, will aid you increase sales. This beneficial instrument encourages people to pack more items into their carts, thereby optimizing their shopping journey.

Furthermore, it's essential to highlight the Christmas Eve delivery deadline, fostering a sense of urgency that encourages customers to make their purchases sooner rather than later. When you combine this urgency with the offer of free shipping and guaranteed delivery, you can effectively capture the attention of potential customers and convert them into loyal buyers.

The target audience would be shoppers actively seeking holiday gifts and may be hesitant to purchase due to shipping costs or delivery deadlines on the December 14 holiday.

First Day of Winter - December 21

The commencement of winter is known to be the briefest day and the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, usually occurring on December 21st or 22nd, contingent on the year. Develop unique winter-centric promotions or markdowns to assist customers in immersing in the festive atmosphere. You may emphasize winter merchandise like winter clothing, home decorations, and gifts themed around the holidays. Mull over extending a special price cut for customers who acquire winter-related goods.

This holiday can be marketed to all customers looking to prepare for the winter season, including those interested in winter fashion and home decor and those looking for unique holiday gifts on the December 21 holiday.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day - December 24-25

As one of the most memorable holidays in the retail marketing calendar, Christmas approaches, it's essential to fine-tune your marketing campaigns, starting right after Cyber Monday. Capitalize on this particular occasion by creating enticing promotions and emphasizing gift ideas that can be conveniently purchased and delivered promptly, considering the potential strain on logistics during the holiday season. To further entice customers, consider offering free or expedited shipping options, providing them a sense of urgency to complete their purchases with your store. In addition to that, offer gift-wrapping services to make shopping convenient for your customers. Highlight this service with BolideAI’s Free Shipping Bar in your marketing materials to attract shoppers who value a hassle-free gifting experience.

Another effective strategy is to send personalized holiday emails to your subscribers featuring exclusive offers, sneak peeks of upcoming sales, or early access to limited-edition products. Use engaging subject lines and festive visuals to capture their attention and drive them to your store. Remember that shoppers have numerous options available, so providing a seamless and stress-free shopping experience on your website is crucial to attract and retain their interest.

The intended audience for this global festivity can fluctuate based on the products retailed by the Shopify store. Just zero in on your audience to guarantee sales amidst the holiday period. Reaching out to customers who have made purchases previously from the store and marketing gift cards can also be productive strategies to stimulate sales during the festive season.

Boxing Day - December 26 (UK, CA, AU)

Boxing Day is a lesser-known holiday that falls between major holidays in the ecommerce calendar. It’s celebrated in the Commonwealth countries to head to the stores for post-Christmas sales. Offer special discounts and promotions to your customers. Consider offering flash sales or bundle deals to motivate shoppers to purchase. Create Facebook posts and email campaigns to promote Boxing Day deals.

The target audience would be shoppers looking for post-Christmas deals and discounts. This includes individuals who may have received gift cards or money as Christmas gifts and are looking to make purchases with them. Additionally, shoppers who may have missed out on Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals may be interested in Boxing Day sales.

New Year's Eve - December 31

New Year's Eve stands as one of the most important 2023 international holidays. As the year draws to a close, people are eager to ring in the new year. Kick off a countdown sale leading up to New Year's Eve, revealing unique deals each day to foster excitement. Display curated bundles or sets specifically fashioned for common resolutions, supplying customers with the tools they need to jumpstart their objectives. Additionally, host a sale on New Year's Day, drawing customers with markdowns on sought-after items. Develop a dedicated New Year's Eve webpage or email campaign to captivate your audience and grow sales. Immerse in the festive mood and ensure the new year remains unforgettable for your customers.

The intended market can fluctuate based on the products and services provided by the Shopify store. People looking to celebrate the new year by hosting a party or attending one can be a key target audience. Additionally, those looking to make New Year's resolutions, such as getting in shape, improving their home, or starting a new hobby, can be targeted with appropriate products and services on the December 31 holiday.

What Holidays Will You Add to Your Marketing Calendar?

Strategizing and implementing holiday marketing campaigns can be a powerful method for Shopify store owners to boost sales and enhance customer engagement. Leveraging the diverse range of holidays throughout the year, these store owners can craft enticing promotions and discounts that resonate with their specific target audience, all while fostering brand recognition and customer loyalty. It's crucial for store owners to conduct thorough research and grasp the cultural importance of each holiday to ensure their marketing efforts are sensitive and well-suited. With meticulous planning and execution, holiday marketing can emerge as a potent tool, empowering Shopify store owners to attain their business objectives and achieve prosperity in the forthcoming year.

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