Get stable growth for
your ecom business
by building a professional marketing system just like in the world’s top companies.
BolideAI helps you leverage the full power of marketing to improve conversion rates and increase your sales.
Manage the app from your Shopify admin panel. Use the in-app marketing tools to set up the work system to bring measurable results and grow your business at scale.
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Works with:
Common challenges online store owners face
Common challenges online store owners face
How they attempt to solve these problems
Try creating a system that would work autonomously and bring the desired outcome, but there is not enough experience and knowledge in marketing to take a systems approach.
Install multiple applications trying to address all their marketing needs, but the applications conflict with each other and slow down the speed of the store site.
Hire a marketing specialist, but they do not deliver the expected results.
BolideAI is here to transform your e-commerce business: increase the revenue and achieve stable business growth through the implementation of a professional approach to marketing.

With BolideAI you get a full marketing system built for your business with measurable indicators at each stage. You get a firm understanding of which element needs to be tweaked for more effective management and growth of your business.

Our solution helps you understand which efforts transform into the ultimate results.
BolideAI is transformative
BolideAI is more than just a set of marketing tools. It is a whole system that will work for your business.
Your customer goes through distinct stages during the buying decision process. However, when it comes to everyday purchases, customers can skip some stages or go through them in another order.

Attracting a customer to the store and converting them into making a purchase is not enough for securing stable business growth. Learn from the success of global brands: truly successful companies look for ways to connect with customers and work on building a long-term customer relationship.

It is the Customer Journey that includes the stages from the moment of acquaintance with your store to the stage of making a purchase and turning the customer into a fan of the brand.

If your business has its Customer Journey in place with well-defined journey steps that you know are always the same for customers, all you need to do is just help them move from one step to another.

BolideAI helps on each stage of the Customer Journey to help the customer make a target action.

BolideAI is an app to help your store visitors follow through all Customer Journey safely and quickly to make a purchase from your online store and come back again and again to buy more and more.
Professional level of marketing is now available for everyone.
BolideAI is a professional approach to solving marketing problems.
Leave your email to get free resources about Customer Journey stages, tools and strategies to use on each stage to maximize the revenue and grow successful business.
Our Features
Step Engage & Subscribe
Step Convert & Ascend
Engage in the shopping process:
  • Display the New products block to trigger curiosity.
  • Display the Most Popular Products block on the main page to add social proof.
  • Collect new emails with an Email Collection Bar.
Grow your loyal customer base with email marketing:
Help your potential customer make a purchase decision:
  • Use a Similar Products block on the product detail page.
  • Make catalog navigation easier with Recently Viewed and Products by Attribute blocks.
Create upsell & cross-sell campaigns:
  • Display a Customers Who Bought This Product Also Bought block during checkout.
  • Use a Featured Products block.
  • Customers love a free shipping option! Display a site-wide Free Shipping Bar to let them know you offer this service and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Create FOMO with an Announcement Bar with a Countdown Timer Bar.
Convert more visitors into customers:
Bolide is
years in ecommerce projects development
development hours
hours of product testing
What you get with the BolideAI marketing system tools
Try a new approach for your business
Grow your subscriber base
Run campaigns to convert leads into customers
Improve UX on your Shopify store site
Increase the average purchase value
Recover abandoned carts
Increase conversion rates
Grow repeat customers
The BolideAI App
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Easy to get started
Access and manage all BolideAI apps conveniently from a single place in your Shopify admin panel.
Easy to control
All in-app tools are seamlessly integrated with each other and run smoothly.
Seamless experience
With our fully optimized server environment, your site speed will not be affected when you start running our app.
Fast loading
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Try a full-system approach to marketing just like in the world’s top ecommerce companies.
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Our ultimate goal is to help eCommerce businesses grow and succeed. We are happy to assist entrepreneurs in the development of their growth points.
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